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Ciao and welcome to my blog!

Hi my name is Annamaria and I am a proud Italian-Canadian.

I am the youngest of five children and my parents, my older brother’s (except for one) and my sister were born in Sicily. My older brother Angelo and I were born in Canada….eh mangia cakes!

I love my italian roots and I am faithful in keeping our traditions by cooking and baking some of the most treasured recipes that my mother used to make.

My favourite past times are to cook, entertain, dance and drink my favourite Shiraz with family and friends, I particularly enjoy drinking Australian Shiraz, such as Yellowtail and my favourite Merlots are from the southern regions of Italy.

I invite you to visit my blog and enjoy my recipes from Sicily and all over the world. I will be posting my husband Vinnie’s recipes as well, as he is an avid cook…maybe even better than myself! Just don’t let him know that…it will go straight to his head!

Check out my blog in Italian, just click the tab called,  Divaincugina-Cucina Siciliana! I also have a blog full of recipes at:   www.divainthakitchen.blogspot.com (I will soon transferring my recipes from blogspot to wordpress).




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